Where China's Top Industry-Focused Clinical Development Leaders Meet

CHINATRIALS is an annual gathering of 350 top senior drug development executives who are focused on bringing breakthrough medicines to China.  Each year, we discuss the biggest challenges facing China's development industry and explore and share the best strategies to meet these challenges head-on.  Topics and key discussion takeaways are specifically tuned for this senior audience to provide practical, business-oriented information that can be immediately applied to their daily business operations.

Key Features for 2016!

1. "China Innovation Clinical Pipelines Showcase"

This ground-breaking new addition to ChinaTrials will feature 20 of the top innovation-focused drug development companies whose projects are currently being developed specifically for the Chinese market.  The session will showcase each company's most exciting and promising preclinical and clinical pipeline projects and presentations will be given by the company's Chief Medical Officer or Clincial Development Head.   

Click here to see the latest list of innovation companies and presenters!

2. Principal Investigators’ Forum On Improving Collaboration & Engagement Between Industry and Sites

This session will feature at least 5 of China’s top principal investigators in a rare gathering where our expert moderators will conduct candid, interview-style discussion to draw insights into the PI's thought process and help determine how industry and sites can improve communication and collaboration.  There will be plenty of time set aside for audience Q&A with the investigators as well! 

3. Practical & Action-Oriented Sessions on Site Inspection & Quality Management

Site inspection and quality management are two of the most important and challenging topics facing the China clinical development industry this year.  In-depth sessions will include case studies of recent inspections and their impact, providing attendees with clear and practical takeaways that they can learn from and immediately apply to their daily job responsibilites. 

4. New Coverage Focused On “How Do Chinese Companies Go Global?”

As Chinese R&D companies continue their rise, their global ambitions are also growing.  But how do Chinese companies with little experience and no infrastructure abroad go global?  This session will provide a detailed look and step-by-step outline on how Chinese companies may begin to explore and plan the process of filing INDs abroad and the partnerships and strategies necessary to be successful.

5. First Annual “CHINATRIALS: State of China Development Industry Report”

Another “first” at this year’s Summit, all attendees will receive a professionally written “State of the Industry” report highlighting the top findings from the meeting, providing a vital summary of the event’s key takeaways.